If someone took a look at my day today I’m not sure they’d be able to define me very easily and I kinda like that. They do say that variety is the spice of life and today has certainly been varied.

Firstly I was up at at 6am to go and do some photos for the Lifesavers With Pride, the gay lifesavers Mardi Gras group that I used to march with in the parade. Then after dropping my camera back at home I was quickly off out to Western Sydney to meet with a wedding couple who booked me for their wedding in November.

From there it was back into town to go to the drag shop to pay a deposit on getting drag makeup done and hire a wig for a work function I need to do drag at in a couple of weeks. Then I had a bit of a break at home before going to meet a couple of mates to buy a cheap wetsuit for an adventure down a river tomorrow.

Now I’ve just finished editing photos from last weekend’s photo shoot. I think I’ve earned a beer and some yummy food tonight. The adventure tomorrow is going to be a long but fun day!