It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I follow a lot of hot male models on Instagram. What does come as a surprise (but shouldn’t) is that they aren’t all dumb and have nothing more to offer.

Drew Harrisberg is a model signed to Sydney’s best modelling agency. He’s also an exercise physiologist and a diabetes educator. Hell, I’d learn about diabetes from him even though I don’t have it. If you follow his Instagram you’ll see he even has a totally awesome dog. Sadly he’s straight.

If you think he couldn’t get more annoying/intimidating, you’d be wrong. Today he released his first single as a singer (which he also wrote). Now, we’d all expect some auto-tuned dance or cheesy Ed-Sheeran-lite from someone that looks like Drew but again you’d be wrong.

Lover & a Friend is a beautiful, haunting love song that I can totally see in the soundtrack to a gorgeous indie romance movie. I’ve bought it on iTunes, listened to it several times and watched the video a couple of times.