As I post this tonight, I’m dreading tomorrow. You see, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and I hate it. Not because I think it’s commercial bullshit (which I do and it is) but because it’s a day that it truly sucks to be single. Especially if you are like me, going through a bit of a lonely, wanting romance phase.

A Facebook friend has already posted photos of flowers she got from her partner. Since social media will be awash with photos of flowers and people gushing about their “Love”, their “Rock” and their “One and only” all day I might try and avoid it tomorrow. To be honest all that social media outpouring of love and mush actually just makes me think it’s more of a statement of “SEE I’M LOVABLE!”. Love and social media likes is the perfect storm of validation after all.

I realise how cynical this post is sounding and it is. I’d love to be part of the smug-couple universe but I don’t think I’ll ever be the shout it on social media type. Isn’t it better to tell the person you love how much they mean to you rather than a thousand vague acquaintances on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat? If you are going to be shouting it, it’s not real unless you use #blessed.