Human nature is a fascinating thing and when you see it play out in it’s absolute worst form it can be both entertaining and terrifying. Just think of all the conservative “Christians” fighting against LGBT rights then being caught in very compromising situations with underage boys.

Today on Facebook a very sexually liberated friend posted that he was looking for participants for a sex party which would involve 4-5 blindfolded bottoms who were there to be fucked and used by the rest of the party. I’m assuming that my friend is aiming for a good number of tops to fuck the bottoms who would have no knowledge of who or how many guys fuck them. Also knowing my friend, the party would be Prep based and raw.

Someone that put his hand up seemingly to volunteer to be blindfolded and gangbanged got my attention. Over the years he has very vocally and very publicly on Facebook tried to shame other friends in open relationships. He has thrown around god, christianity and sin in his condemnation of open relationships, but here he is waving his butt in the air volunteering to be fucked raw by dozens of anonymous strangers. It seems a very interesting double standard. If I could stand the guy I’d love to talk to him and find out how he rationalises that level of “moral” hypocrisy but to be honest I can’t be bothered dealing with him.