It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that my countdowns to various things drive people crazy. Today I needed this one. My week at work has been chaos but not always in bad ways. It’s nice to be busy.

Today marks six months until I fly out of Sydney for my big European adventure. All flights are booked and travel insurance is booked. Now I just need to lock in accommodation and camper van bookings and I’ll be set.

I’m pretty sure I’ll spend the first four days in Lisbon with day trips to the gay nude beach and beautiful seaside towns, then I have found a gay clothing optional B&B in the Algarve that looks really nice. Gay, nude? Why not!?

I booked these flights three months ago but that has absolutely flown by and while I’m not wishing the year away at all, the six months will go just as quickly. It gives me something to look forward to over the winter months. Obviously I’ll try and get as much footage and as many photos as possible. Holiday vlogging is fun but definitely a challenge. Part of me loves to just enjoy rather than thinking too much about taking videos.