Anyone that knows me in the real world and has been in my car knows that I’m not a car person. The car I own at the moment is the most modern and expensive car I have ever owned. Before you get the wrong idea it’s nothing crazy, just a hatch back but it’s the newest car I’ve ever owned.

After my recent pledge to do more videos for YouTube I’ve been giving some thought to what to film and things that might be interesting. For instance this weekend I’m going down to Kangaroo Valley to hang out with friends. Two of the friends own the place we are staying and it’s rented out through Air B&B so I said I’d do some video footage for them to promote it. A bit more footage and that becomes a video which should be fun.

In a couple of months I have a wedding 3 hours out of Sydney and I’ve decided to make a weekend of it and do some exploring. After all, I also talk about having “little adventures”. For that weekend I’ve organised to borrow a car from our client at work. That client being Jaguar. Sadly they aren’t lending me an F-Type sportscar but one of their SUV models. It’s a lot more fancy than my car so it will be fun.

That weekend will become a vlog as well. I’ll have to do some research on what to explore while I’m out there. I’ll also be trying to get some photos for social media for the client.