It would appear that I am still, despite being chronically single, a carrier of the relationship virus. Over the years I have unintentionally infected people with relationships purely by knowing them but you are much more likely to catch a relationship with someone if I am interested in you.

My new fuck buddy is adamant that he does not want a relationship. He has porn aspirations, is a proud slut and is even contemplating escorting. Good on him I say. He’s very well suited to all of it.

Last weekend he was away camping with another one of his fuck buddies and he comes back and announces on Monday that they are giving a relationship a go. Now, they are embarking on a relationship that is very different to what I want. The porn and slutty behaviour are still on the cards and the escorting is being negotiated.

To clarify I don’t want to date this guy but I’m amazed that even guys adamant they don’t want a relationship are still vulnerable to my relationship virus. It’s a powerful thing. Beware.