Yesterday I posted something on my instagram story asking how people met their partners or do they meet people to go on dates with. There were a huge variety of responses. Grindr, through friends, Instagram, sports, social activities, hobbies. All sorts.

One person suggested I change up my habits. One thing I can be guilty of is saying no to things that make me uncomfortable. Strange I know given I do aerial circus, stand up in front of large groups at weddings and speak etc but there are times I get nervous about things and don’t do them.

Tomorrow during the day I’m doing my second hike with the Get Naked Australia group on Facebook. It’s been nearly a year since I last joined them and while the chances of meeting someone gay are pretty slim as it’s a mostly straight, mixed crowd, new nude friends are good and you just never know.

Tomorrow night a friend is having drinks at a bar that is notoriously packed with gays and has a reputation for being pretty pretentious. With the right group of friends, all places can be fun and if I don’t go, it guarantees I won’t meet anyone new.

So, it’s time to take on some new challenges and say yes.