There are lots of different types of people in the world and that is what makes it a fascinating and interesting place. Sometimes incredibly frustrating too.

For the purpose of tonight’s blog post I’m going to break the world down into two kinds of people. Those people who are ok with public affection and those that aren’t. I’m definitely in the latter category. I don’t do the levels of public display that make people around me uncomfortable but holding hands with someone walking down the street is lovely. It is one of the things that always makes me smile when I see it out and about. Even more so when it’s an LGBT couple or a couple you don’t expect to even be a couple.

A couple of nights ago I was walking down my street and just in front of me were an older straight couple, probably about 70 walking slowly and not too agile, down the street, a bag of shopping in his hand and a bottle of milk in hers, their other hands were clasped as they have probably been for 50 odd years.

At the other end of the street were a younger gay couple who I actually know and have photographed for the Bed download (definitely worth a look). They were also holding hands and on their way out for dinner and a drink on a date night.

I’ve always been a big hugger and love being close to people. Touch makes me feel content. It certainly doesn’t have to be sexual but it has to be genuine. A reluctant hug is not a hug. I miss holding hands. So simple but loaded with meaning for me.