As part of my pledge (to you and to me) to get back into doing more youtube videos after nearly 12 months off, yesterday I did a photo shoot and by midnight I had a video done. I haven’t even edited the photos yet!

I really enjoy doing videos and it’s reminded me of that. The hardest part of doing vlogs and behind the scenes videos is getting enough good quality footage. 90% of this footage is on my iPhone which has great stabilising software.

Troy has been, in his words, fat and skinny in his life before this and he’s working damn hard in the gym to get to a point he’s happy with. I think we can all agree that he’s looking really good and my god his butt is a thing to behold. He actually said he got a bit emotional watching the video because of how much he’s changed his body in the past year or two.

Now I just need to keep up this momentum of making videos. One per year is a little slack.