There are moments in life that really throw some perspective into the way you view the world. This morning I was hanging out with a friend and he just dropped a couple of bombs into the conversation about being sexually abused as a young child (a one-off incident) and again as a young teenager.

Over the years I have found out that several people I know have been sexually abused or assaulted, both as one-off incidents and ongoing scenarios. My friend this morning even said with the teenage incident he didn’t know if he’d made it happen. It sounded like a classic case of someone in power manipulating the situation to prey on a vulnerable kid.

I was never touched, threatened or abused as a child and I’m starting to think that makes me part of the lucky minority rather than the people being assaulted being the minority they should very much be.

Many years ago I was having a conversation about this situation and the guy I was chatting to responded “Yeah, isn’t that why we are all gay?” WHAT? No. I’m gay because I’m a happy healthy, never-molested individual who happens to be same-sex attracted.

One of my close mates is a sexual assault survivor and he told me that he (along with therapy) chose to not let the assault define him or ruin his life. He’s a very strong person and has built a happy, well adjusted life for himself but it could easily have gone the other way.