Vlogging is something that I’ve dabbled in as you might be aware if you’ve been visiting this blog for a while. I haven’t posted anything new to my youtube channel for nearly 12 months and as I said recently, I want to do some more. A few times recently I’ve intended to do some behind the scenes videos on photo shoots but shooting alone makes it more difficult.

So, along with making more of an effort to film on photo shoots, I’m throwing it open to you, my readers to give me suggestions or make requests on what I should vlog about.

Now, be reasonable. These are for YouTube posts so I will NOT be accepting requests for full frontal imagery. Nor will I be going into extreme detail about some aspects of my life buy we all know I’m a bit of an open book so it is a bit of an open brief.

I also really like the idea of vlogging about Little Adventures so if you live somewhere else in the world and you’ve heard of an aspect of living in Australia or a place in or near Sydney and you think I should do a video, ask away. Leave your requests in the comments, email me or comment on the Facebook post of this blog entry. In the meantime, enjoy this vlog from Iceland.