We all have friends that are easy to hang out with. No matter what’s going on there seems to be no drama. Other friends, maybe a little more challenging at times. I recently posted about some bumpy times that some friends are having. Tonight I caught up with one of those friends and it really made me appreciate our friendship.

We have had some pretty tough conversations over the nearly 17 years that we’ve known each other and we’ve gone through phases where we weren’t as close as other times. Thankfully we have a friendship where we can give the tough love talks and come out of it better.

Tonight was a very easy catch up and we talked about some of the dramas going on with some of his other friends but it really made me appreciate him as a mate. Sure, we’ve pissed each other off over the years but we are all good. I’ve seen him be an amazing friend for friends in crisis and he’s dropped everything and been there for me at times as well.

The good friends, no matter how much they challenge you at times are worth fighting to keep.