Doing all the photography of beautiful nude men that I do, people make a lot of assumptions about what goes on during or after a shoot. Every time I post someone new I will almost without fail get a message from someone asking if I sucked them off or had sex with them. Most concerningly I’ve had that question repeatedly from one or two photographers.

I’ve done close to 200 shoots of nude men. Some of the guys I’ve shot a few times and I’m not going to play innocent, a few of them I’ve played around with but that number is very, very low.

In the era of #metoo I’m very careful not to be creepy with my models but I find it very interesting that the assumption is that I hook up with all of them, or at least try to.

No one has become famous from doing a photo shoot with me and I can’t see any other motivation for the guys to want to sleep with me. The vast majority of the guys I work with are close to 20 years younger than me and I’m not going to make them feel like they need to do something to get a shoot with me, nor convince them it will help their career.

I have to say, the questions get a bit boring after a little while.