As with all things in a typical Libran person, my excitement over celebrities is balanced out by my cynical view that they are just regular people doing an unusual job.

I’ve posted a few times here on the blog about my wish list of celebrities to photograph and while it is unlikely, I may be about to take my first steps on the road to photographing celebrities

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to spend a lovely night at the pub with friends and meeting new people through friends. One of those new people was Alfie Arcuri. He won the Australian Voice in 2016. He’s also a gay man who released a single “Love is Love” (below) during the fight for marriage equality just over a year ago.

Alfie is releasing a new single next month and after seeing some of my photography asked if I’d be interested in shooting some promo shots for him. A fabulously talented Australian photographer, James Demitri has done the music video and some of the visuals (I’ve had a sneak peek) aren’t wildly dissimilar to my work. So this weekend as well as shooting two other models for download, I’m photographing Alfie. I can’t wait to work with him. He’s absolutely lovely!