Advertising has a lot that can be criticised. For a long time it’s played to obvious stereotypes and often been guilty of misogyny, homophobia and racism. I think companies that try to redress that should be applauded.

This week one of the companies most guilty of misogynistic advertising for decades, Gillette has done their part to shift their approach. Their ad talks about the culture of toxic masculinity and how “boys will be boys” is not good enough any more. There have been arguments that it’s attacking men but I disagree. To me it feels like it’s handing people an opportunity to do better. To recognise bad behaviour and be a part of the solution.

Obviously the same men that think women are being given all the opportunities and claim it’s impossible to even flirt with a woman now that #metoo has had such a (positive) impact, are now threatening boycotts against Gillette saying that it is PC gone mad and people aren’t allowed to be men any more.

My take is that if you really have a problem with an advertisement asking you not to be an asshole, then you might just be an asshole.