Sometimes it just takes a while for things to fall into place. Steven is a young guy I chatted to on Grindr probably 18 months ago. He’s a bit of a nudie and at one point was going to come to one of our nude drinks nights but that never happened.

We’d also talked about doing a photo shoot and like the drinks, that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. Then a couple of months ago we started chatting again and I mentioned the shoot and he was right up for it.

So one day in December we headed off to the National Park to a nice private spot that I’d been to before. I managed to get us a little bit lost a couple of times but in the end, there we were, nude by a stream in the sunshine in the Australian bush.

Steven has a wholesome boy-next-door look and these photos felt right to me in black and white. He could almost be a returned World War II veteran on his time off relaxing in the sun shine.

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