My body image issues have been a recurring theme on this blog over the years and right now is no different. I have no problem being nude with my mates or nude on beaches and in the locker room in general but I see photos of myself and really don’t like what I see sometimes.

I remember years ago a guy I was rowing surf boats with complaining that as he hit his 40’s he had a bit of fat on his lower back, kinda love handle area that he had never had before. He said it was almost impossible to shed.

Now I know what he’s on about. When I take photos nude for instagram, they are mostly from behind and that is the angle where I see my problem areas.

Sadly, with the new year I haven’t been blessed with a new sense of motivation or inspiration for training and eating. The eating is marginally better than it was but my “fitspiration” at the gym seems to have stayed missing. How on earth are all those people who are good at training, so consistently motivated?

Fingers crossed as I move into the new year I’ll build up some momentum!