While the first week of my break went really slowly and deliciously, the second week has FLOWN by. While I’m not entirely convinced I want to go back to work tomorrow I have had a great finish to my break.

On Friday morning I picked up two mates and their camping gear, squeezed them in to my little car, along with my own camping gear and drove to River Island for a couple of nights of naked camping. We spent Friday swimming in the river and finding any shade we could to try and escape the scorching heat. Yesterday morning (Saturday) five more guys joined us and we had an amazing day exploring the river, swimming in the “cascades” and playing card games until nearly midnight. We decided at that point that we’d had enough and we were tired, tipsy and very happy.

Early this morning I got up along with one of the other guys to do a photo shoot. Doing a photo shoot for me usually means the model is nude and I’m clothed but if we are nude camping and it’s one of my nude mates that I’m photographing then I’m not bothering with pants. One of the other guys joined us mid photo shoot and took this cool “behind the scenes” shot (above).

So tomorrow morning my gym training and re-vamped approach to eating starts hopefully with a lot more enthusiasm than I had at the end of 2018.