It wasn’t the best start to my new year in a couple of ways. Being sick was one of them. The other was receiving a message from one of my models all in a fluster because someone had sent him one of the full frontal images on twitter.

Apparently he hadn’t really thought it through when he agreed to pose full frontal with no pressure from me, and signed a release form for these images to be released. Not only did he say it felt like a violation of privacy if someone buys the download and puts it online but he also said that selling them for “$6 is not art but… selling like a bakery sell bread”

There is a language barrier and I don’t think he meant to be offensive but Fuck. Right. Off. Telling me I’m selling my work like bread is damned offensive. If I charge more, nobody buys it. No one is buying the limited edition prints because they are too expensive and people get to see all the images they want at a cost effective price.

Even though he has signed a release form and I technically didn’t have to remove the download as he requested, I have. I don’t want my models hating me but this has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

If you own the “Bohemian” download, you are now the owner of a limited edition download.

P.S. I have used an image of Jorge, but it’s not him. He’s awesome.