Catching up with friends you haven’t seen for 2.5 years, over New Year’s Eve should be a fun filled time. And I definitely loved seeing my friends but my New Year’s Eve did not quite go to plan.

On Sunday afternoon I landed in Geelong and spent the afternoon relaxing at my mate’s house catching up and having a light meal before we went out to Piano Bar. Now Piano Bar is Geelong’s only gay bar but my god it’s fun. A live pianist/singer, plus drag queens and a lot of laughs and wine meant for a fun night. Sadly it was as we were leaving there was the first sign of trouble.

See, the next nearly 48 hours were spent with many many rushed visits to the toilet. On New Year’s Eve I spent the night quietly on my mate’s lounge while they went to the party I was supposed to be at with them (no point them missing out) and I was in bed by 9pm.

All in all though I’ve spent some great time reminding myself why these guys are such amazing friends. It’s always great to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in ages and it’s as easy as if it were yesterday.