For a long time the comments weren’t working on this blog and sometimes I wish that was still the case. To be fair, the vast majority of interactions I’ve had with readers over the years has been fantastic.

When I posted a couple of weeks ago about someone claiming to be XL Hung at 7.5-8 inches I got a comment that perhaps wasn’t meant in a nasty way but it rankled me. “I feel like I live in a different gay world to you even though I am in Sydney also. Not everyone is obsessed with bodies and size. It seems like perhaps you aren’t attracted to anyone smaller than average and I wonder how much this limits you in relationships.”

Maybe I’m being overly defensive about it but that comment comes across as smug and superior, trying to tell me that I’m shallow and superficial. My requirements on body shape are very different in a photographic subject to what I expect in a partner. Commenting on someone’s claims about their own cock apparently makes me obsessed with cock size too.

Sorry, but if you are going to comment do it constructively. I’m sure they think they are doing me a favour by pointing out everything I’m doing wrong in the hunt for a partner but this comment was bullshit.