Churning out a photography download each week has felt a bit unsatisfying at times. Because I don’t have access to a free studio these days it’s much harder to execute some of my more creative and interesting concepts.

Shooting beautiful men nude in the beautiful outdoors is great and you all seem to like it but it’s hard to keep it interesting.

After doing several outdoor releases in a row, or shooting only outdoor things for a while I wanted to release something in a studio setting so I went back to the archives and looked at a shoot that I did two years ago that I hadn’t released as a download. It needed reworking and finally this week I had an idea on how.

David is a stunning human and he’s very content nude so playing with these images again was fun. The download will be released in a couple of weeks but I thought I’d share a few images now with you. As you all know I don’t really do a lot of manipulation on my images but I’m really happy with how these look. It also leads nicely into some of the treatments I’m thinking with the upcoming art-porn shoot.