I guess it’s not unusual at this time of year to evaluate what you’ve been doing and what lies ahead for the next year, five years or even just a month.

I’ve just finished watching the video below and it’s given me a gentle nudge to get back into making and posting vlogs and behind the scenes videos. I can’t make a behind the scenes video for every shoot that I do or I’d never leave the house and unless shooting and videos become my full time job, it’s just not an option.

This video reminds me of what I love about travel and video making. It’s so much fun capturing the moments on a trip and seeing if you can express a whole adventure in a 10 minute video through the selection of edits and music.

Captain Potter is a youtuber that has been a bit sporadic in his posting but when he posts I generally like what he’s sharing. I’ve found lately that some youtubers start to lose their magic or I get bored with them after a while. Some, like Ben Brown, lose the plot completely.

For now, enjoy this video.