My family is pretty much expert level at keeping each other’s feet on the ground and preventing anyone from developing an ego. If anyone were to get famous in our family I’d be pretty confident in my family treating them exactly the same no matter how famous they got.

So I developed a plan to gently troll my niece and nephew for Christmas. About a year ago my sister took her husband and the kids and herself off to do a family portrait. As far as they go they are nice. There was one photo of my niece and nephew together that just makes me laugh. It’s a nice photo but they are typical teenage siblings and barely sit next to each other, let alone pose for cheesy photos.

So. I scanned the photo and had it put on a t-shirt. Then I wore that t-shirt to Christmas yesterday. The rest of the family were laughing their heads off. The kids thought it was crazy. Little did they know.

I had also had a photo taken of myself in the t-shirt which I then had put on t-shirts for them for Christmas. So much fun. Obviously they will never wear them but their reaction was totally worth it.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, however you celebrate or not! Lots of love from me here at Aussielicious.