My lack of a sex life is largely my own choosing. I do have my own insecurities just like everyone else does and mine are about sex and it definitely contributes. But even before those insecurities appeared I wasn’t one to prioritise sex too highly. I do have a decent sex drive but there are so many things in my life that need attention too.

I find it fascinating how different we all are in that regard. My fuck bud has a very high sex drive. To the point where he called in sick the other day (it was the last week of work for the year) and had lots and lots of casual sex all day. I very much doubt I’d ever do that.

Having had some sex in the last week, which is a very pleasant change I definitely see why people prioritise it I just don’t know how. Between keeping up with editing photo shoots, circus class, seeing friends, the gym, wedding celebrant stuff and a regular job I’m exhausted at this end of the year. Add regular shags and the effort they take to organise and I’d never sleep!