I have three more days of work left before we close for Christmas and I have to say I can’t wait. While I haven’t had a bad year, it’s been a long one without a real break.

Today I got most of my work deadlines out the door so the rest of the week will be a bit more relaxed if all goes to plan. While my two week break won’t be super lazy it will be all social and fun stuff.

In the mix is a circus class or two in my new apparatus which is awesome even if it does hurt and exhaust me. That seems to be the norm with circus stuff. If it doesn’t hurt it’s probably not going to impress an audience.

I’ll also be heading to a city in Australia that I have never been to for New Year’s Eve to see some friends I haven’t caught up with properly since I went to Bali 2.5 years ago. That’s bad!

In amongst all that I hope to hit the beach dressed in my usual swimwear attire, absolutely nothing, as well as a planned nude camping trip with some mates. So yes, I’ll be running around a lot but it will be a lot of fun.