Some weekends just leave you feeling like you need another one. This was one of those for me. For the vast majority of it for very good reasons.

On Friday we had our work Christmas party and it was a lot of fun and not a late night but I didn’t sleep well because I knew I had to get up early. After a restless night I got up at 6am and not long after was on the road. I had a quick coffee with my parents at their place an hour away then headed further south where some friends of mine have just bought a new investment. There were a bunch of us staying down there to check the new place out and catch up, drink wine, laugh and swim in the river. So much fun.

Another terrible night’s sleep last night however on a blow up camping mattress meant getting up at 5.30 was even more rude this morning. I had to be at a course here in Sydney at 9.30 so it was another early start for the drive home.

After the course it was back home to relax and partake in the fun of an adult nature with some company. That is something I really don’t do enough of for various reasons but hopefully todays gentleman caller might end up a bit of a friends with benefits situation. God knows it was fun.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for the last work week of the year! Hopefully it will slip past quickly and then it’s time for relaxing!