If you want to be a successful “influencer” on social media then it’s all about consistency. Of your regular posting and your “brand” ie. your image. Is the same true if you want to be a successful dating option?

A friend posted something on twitter that at first read, really pissed me off. He said “Maybe stop posting about how you want a relationship and how woe is you when your Grindr profile is all about taking random dick.” He’s since clarified that it’s the whining about finding a man he thinks is shit but at the time I thought it was a common theme that I’ve heard from gay men before. 

There seems to be a judgement of people like me who want a monogamous relationship but are (unlike me sadly) having lots of casual sex in the meantime while they wait for Mr Right. It’s like someone criticising you for looking at cakes in a patisserie window when you are really looking for a main meal. What’s the harm? Is it off-brand for someone wanting monogamy to have some actual fun or are we supposed to sit around not having sex at all so that when we do find Mr Right we can barely remember what to do?