It’s no secret that over the years I’ve been frustrated at the lack of bravery in the Sydney boys I’ve photographed. Something has changed in the past couple of years though and I’m finding more and more guys willing to go frontal. As you’ve seen I’m even finding guys willing to get hard and sexual.

The idea of shooting actual sex, anal penetration, full oral and maybe even some kink has been playing on my mind for a while but I didn’t know how I was going to do it and still keep it creative, interesting and more than porn. Well, now I have an idea and I think it will work well but I need the guys.

For the idea I have I want it to go pretty wild, past anal. I want it to go from simple duo nudes, to erections, oral, anal and then on to some watersports and fisting. Why? Just because. I think the way I want to do it will look really good. I’m sure fetish and sex can look quite beautiful as well as sexy as hell.

Finding the two guys willing to go there will be the challenge. It’s a lot to ask of people and as with all shoots I have a relatively specific look in mind. Partly because of the way I want to visually treat the images I want fairly clean cut looking guys. Let’s see how I go.