We all know the world of hookup apps are a breeding ground (pardon the pun) for some exaggeration. The other night on Scruff there was a guy in my area I was chatting to and his profile said “Hung XL” and over the course of the chat he sent some photos. Maybe I watch too much porn but if someone says Hung XL I kinda expect to see something porn-esque. 

I asked him how big he was and he said 7.5-8 inches. Now don’t get me wrong I am not calling him small. According to some articles the average penis is 5.5 inches so he’s ahead of the game there but when I hear XL I am thinking 9-10. Am I deluded there?

It’s interesting that there are so many different perceptions of the same thing. I’ve known guys that think they are small when they most certainly are not. The gay world does celebrate the bigger guys, as does the world in general but especially we gay men. We celebrate amazing bodies that are partly genetic luck along with a lot of hard work but celebrating things that we have no control over seems unfair but a very typical human trait.

Just today I was talking to another nudie on Instagram who seems to be quite self conscious about the size of his equipment even though we both agree there is nothing you can do about it.