It has been said, by someone I can’t remember who, that it’s better to regret the things you’ve done than the things you haven’t and that was my approach last night going to the Speed Dating event.

As usual I was early and grabbed a drink and sat to watch who arrived. A short while later I was sending a text message to friends “one guy looks like a backpacking nerd who has stopped by after a hike. Another looks like a Persian rug salesman with a toupee.” It turns out I wasn’t far wrong with the Persian Rug salesman line. He actually was Persian (his words since it’s now called Iran) and he was wearing a ridiculous rug on his head. Actually a nice enough guy but we had nothing in common.

I had 7 “dates” over the 2 hours and had a decent chat with all the guys. One guy who thankfully I wasn’t matched with was completely drunk when he arrived and was trying to kiss all his dates.

Did I meet the love of my life? Not even close. Did I have fun? Absolutely. You never know how these things will go if you don’t try.