We have now reached the time of the year when we start to reflect on the year that was. The compilations are starting to come out for the best songs, movies, memes, twitter posts and all the other bests for the year. It’s also a time for reflection on a personal level.

Right now I’m on the periphery of scenarios that could see friendships and friendship-circles fall apart. A couple of friends have had incredibly bad years and it’s all playing out right now. It’s not clear at all whether a couple of the friendships will survive at all and I’m at a complete loss as to whether or not I can help the situation.

I guess all I can do is be the best friend I can be to those that need me and do the very best I can to stay out of the treacherous waters swirling. In the past it’s not been a strength of mine to step back and think about things before weighing in. An email sent in the heat of the moment was a speciality of mine a few years back but these days I don’t have the energy, especially when it’s not my fight.

At this end of the year it feels like a lot of people are tired and need a break. Some time in the sun here in Australia, or by a fire for those of you in the top half of the globe, preferably nude for all concerned.