For the past couple of months most of my Saturday nights have either been at home relaxing or out of town at my friends’ property. This Saturday night is going to be different.

There is a group here in Sydney that hosts semi-regular orgies and this Saturday night they are having one in a “big new venue” and since I hadn’t had much action lately I was going to break the drought with a flood and throw myself in the mix. I’d RSVP’d and was trying not to listen to my nerves. Going to an organised orgy of about 60+ men is a daunting thing for someone that doesn’t do that kind of thing at all regularly.

Then today, perusing Facebook as one does a link popped up to a speed dating event. Sure, at 45 I’m at the top end of the age bracket that they allow but I thought “Why not?” I think the event page said that each person meets 8 different guys and has 15 minutes with each. There is also the perk of unlimited drinks so even if it’s not going well I can self-medicate with a few drinks and have a laugh.

When you think about it, they aren’t THAT different. One is sexual speed dating and the other is a celibate orgy. It’s probably for the best. The orgy was supposed to til midnight and I have to be up at about 6am on Sunday to pick up a model for a shoot anyway. Let’s see what Saturday brings shall we? Anyone been speed dating before?