The benefit of having been “working” in photography for nearly 15 years now is that I have a catalogue of work that represents what I do and it definitely helps me talk to models and help them decide whether to work with me or not.

A few years ago I came across an image of a guy called Kyle on a networking site. Through following each other on Instagram we worked out that we had some opportunities to work together. One of those opportunities popped up a few weeks ago and we did two shoots in one day. The first shoot “Blue Skies” is now available from my shop!

Kyle has a bunch of tattoos now in an ever increasing collection that he didn’t have when I first came across his images but they really suit him and they certainly weren’t a problem for the shoots we did. They are fairly simple shoots, no fancy concepts here. One we did down at the nude beach and one was him in a bed. Both locations suit him down to the ground and he looks comfortable and beautiful nude. To be fair he could be just about anywhere and his infectious smile would brighten up the location.

Head on over to my shop now to buy “Blue Skies” or any of the other downloads that are available.