We’ve all been in dating situations that are doomed but whether we can see that or not, we dive in head first and fall hard for the other person.

A friend of mine entered one of those situations earlier this year and it didn’t work out and he’s really struggling to let go. The other guy just wasn’t in a position to give him what he wants. Essentially they are at very different stages of their gay stories. One has been out for half his life and is ready for a serious relationship and wants monogamy. The other has only been out for a handful of years and is really not ready for that.

Neither guy has done anything wrong and while one of them might feel a bit wronged he’s just hurt that it didn’t work out. We’ve all been there. I’ve definitely fallen hard for guys that weren’t interested, weren’t emotionally in a place to be in a relationship or just weren’t right for me. It hurts. Fingers crossed my mate will be able to let go soon and move on.