The new(ish) feature on Instagram where you can have your followers ask questions is both fun and dangerous. On Sunday I let followers throw some questions my way on my photography account but not before stipulating that they couldn’t just ask for dick shots of my models. That’s not happening.

One of the people said they would love to see more body size diversity in my shoots. To be honest it’s probably not going to happen in the way they most likely meant. Most of my models are quite athletic and have various amounts of muscle. Not all of them have six packs but they aren’t exactly soft by any stretch of the imagination.

I photographed all sorts of body shapes in the My People My Tribe series and I still believe that everyone can look beautiful in a nude photo but my photography isn’t so much about bringing out the beauty in the average person. It’s about using someone beautiful to create beautiful images and I don’t really believe that is something I should apologise for. Each artist has their niche and in an ever increasingly politically correct world the danger of offending people for not being inclusive enough of other types is a real one. If he were around today Picasso would probably be hounded on social media for not being inclusive of women whose facial features were in the right place.

There are actually quite a few photographers out there celebrating the sexy aspects of the “every man” and I’m content to leave that up to them. In the meantime I’ll keep photographing the men that I choose. If I wanted to shoot regular guys I’d do self portraits.