If you had just come home from work, taken off all your clothes, poured yourself a wine and were just starting to relax when you felt a pair of eyes on you what would you do?

In this week’s download “Watched” that is exactly the scenario I explored with the absolutely lovely Stuckatzero. Luckily for me he was in town for a few bookings and was keen to work with me. In this voyeuristic/exhibitionist fantasy, when he found that he was being watched, he decided to put on a show. First up in the shower then on the bed, before making his way back to the lounge room to grab his wine and himself.

Thank goodness for amazing open-minded straight guys like Stuckatzero. If you want to see the full series, you’d better head on over to my store by clicking here. Don’t forget there are limited edition prints and a lot of other downloads available there as well.