Every year I plan on being more organised for Christmas and getting gifts for my family with a bit more time so that it’s not rushed. Of course that never happens. With one calendar month to go today, I have ordered one gift but there’s no sign of it arriving as yet. Everyone else I have nothing for yet. Oops.

Thankfully I have a very chilled family and there are no weird pressures to get amazing gifts but we all still try and find gifts that are thoughtful without breaking the bank. Fingers crossed I find some inspiration in the next few weeks. I have one pretty fun joke gift planned for my niece and nephew. Our family can aren’t adverse about taking the piss out of each other or pranking each other a little from time to time but that gift is just going to be a secondary one.

Christmas Day itself is lovely and low key. We spend Christmas Eve at my sister’s house and wake up there for Christmas Day, exchanging gifts, eating too much, probably having a sleep and quite likely drinking too much. It’s only my immediate family 99% of the time so there aren’t any awkward dynamics at play either.

How are you all preparing for Christmas? Has anyone actually had a nude Christmas?