So many talented artists have embarked on the challenge of taking self portraits. From the old painting Masters to modern photographers and it is a fantastic, challenging skill to be able to let go of your own self-consciousness and explore the art. I’ve contemplated it for a while but I get stuck at the self-consciousness part, thinking “when I get myself in shape” which is clearly yet to happen.

Franklin Liranzo is a professional photographer and latin dancer, originally from the Dominican Republic. If you want to find him on Instagram he is known as TheNudeYorker. I found out about his work through a profile on Wasemag where he was featured and in upcoming instalments will be sharing some behind the scenes and an interview by my friend, Melbourne Photographer Ross Spirou.

This series of self-portraits was taken in Franklin’s “favourite place in earth”, Iceland. Having been to Iceland in summer and still being bloody cold, I admire Franklin for his dedication to being nude and probably freezing. He’s managed to brave the cold, move past being self-conscious and take some beautiful images.