Some people would say that just by having a hobby where I get to see beautiful men nude all the time should make me feel lucky and to a certain extent they are correct. It’s not always a struggle. There are times when it goes better than others and this weekend was one of those.

Yesterday the lighting was a bit tricky for the shoot in my apartment with a beautiful French guy, visiting Sydney but he was absolutely lovely to work with. He’d been out partying the night before and only had three hours of sleep but he was bright eyed and ready to do the shoot. He had a cheeky sense of humour and was so easy and relaxed.

Today I did two shoots with one model, or two locations and hung out with the model all up for four hours or so. Again, really easy to work with. Having a relaxed vibe with a model where you are on the same page creatively or even just with attitude, it makes it so much easier. I’ve said it before but in the 14 years that I’ve been doing photo shoots I’ve been incredibly lucky that I’ve dealt with models that are attitude-free 95% of the time.

There have only been a handful who have caused drama or been problematic and I think that’s a pretty good ratio. If everything goes well 95% of the time, it’s success so I’m feeling pretty lucky today.