In the years that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve posted several times about being called stupid, crazy or an idiot for wanting monogamy. A close friend who knows that I want to find a monogamous relationship, when he and his partner opened things up told me to just “Steal someone else’s husband”. I didn’t dignify that with a response.

In the past few weeks I found out that a couple who were posting some very hot videos on onlyfans, are monogamous. They have found their way of keeping the sexual chemistry alive without opening things up. Then last night I had dinner with a couple who are monogamous and have no desire to ever change that. Once again, they have their own way of keeping the spice in their sex life.

This is not a criticism of open relationships. People are very free to do what works for them but as someone who aspires to monogamy if I ever find a partner, it’s nice to hear that there are like minded people out there.