We all know how easy it is to click around on the internet and waste HOURS essentially seeing nothing important. A week or two had passed since Kylie had announced the Australian leg of her Golden tour and there were posts about it floating around. I clicked on one that mentioned pre-sale tickets because I hadn’t actually seen when tickets went on sale.

Lo and behold the pre-sale was happening right then! It was 25 minutes into a 2 hour window. So I got myself logged in, got the code and got myself a few tickets! Now it’s a big call to buy $200 tickets to a concert without discussing it with friends but I’d go alone. Kylie as I have said many times is the closest thing I get to religion and people go to church by themselves. A Kylie concert is a hell of a lot more fun than church but also more fun with friends.

A few minutes later I messaged my bestie and of course she said yes, she’s keen. Now I just have to wait four months before I get to go and worship at the altar of fabulousness that is Ms Minogue! 2019 is looking like a good year with a Kylie tour AND a European adventure in the same year!