If you are a photographer working in the realm of nudes, either male or female, I highly recommend photographing sex workers. I’ve worked with a few now and I have to say the majority of them are so chilled out.

I’ve just walked in the door from shooting a Brisbane-based male escort who specialises in BDSM. He also does straight up fucking sex work and even though he identifies as straight, he’ll tie guys up and give them the BDSM treatment too. People who have broken down that taboo wall of sex work usually have far fewer hangups about sexual identity than the rest of us.

I don’t know the this shoot will be technically brilliant. We were shooting in available light in an apartment and, semi intentionally, the photos will be very grainy and gritty. But it was very sexy to see him doing his thing, getting into his own body in front of my camera. Fingers crossed when the time comes to release the images you’ll all like them too.