Through this blog and in life in general I am a pretty open book. I’ve put a lot of stuff here on the pages of Aussielicious in the 13 years I’ve been blogging that a lot of people might not have. The world is a fascinating place and everyone approaches things in different ways. As a result, there are a lot of photos of my naked arse on my Instagram and today there were a couple of moments when I wondered if that was the right approach.

I posted an “ask me a question” on my Instagram Story and throughout the day about 800 people had seen it. I think because I kept answering questions my Story was at the front of the list for a large part of the day meaning it was viewed a lot. A few times I saw people from circus school had seen it, or ex work colleagues, current work colleagues and even my sister. Thankfully everyone knows about my nude tendencies so all the photos of my naked butt matched up with answers to questions wouldn’t have been confronting or a surprise.

Opening myself up for questions also means I got a few questions that were just not appropriate. I’ve posted about my sex life on here but Instagram is a very different scenario. People asking me to show my cock is never going to get a good response on Instagram. Nor is asking if I’m a top or a bottom. Why do people think that’s ok?

Thankfully 95% of people I interact with through the blog or social media are fantastic and that openness about my nude tendencies etc has meant I’ve met a lot of fellow nudies over the years and I’ve also been getting some good tips for my trip to Europe next year.

So while every now and then I feel slightly awkward about my nakedness online, mostly it’s done a lot of good.