I’m not sure if it is tied to social media and the ability to hide behind a keyboard but have we all noticed how ferocious fans of pop stars etc are these days?

Once upon a time I was silly enough to criticise Justin Bieber on twitter and while by and large my tweet went unnoticed by his fans, I certainly got a few manic tweets from some of them. Lady Gaga has been in trouble for not telling her fans to lay off someone that criticised her and it would be a silly person who dared to say something negative about Taylor Swift or Beyonce and expect to come out the other side unscathed.

Last week I posted a couple of photos of Kevin (above) on my Instagram story and he shared a couple of photos as well. Now Kevin has 50,000 followers on Instagram and apparently they are loyal. One of them, following his link to my page then commented on another photo of mine (of someone else) “Why haven’t you posted the photos of Kevin, he’s way better than any of these models.” Now I love that people are loyal fans but calm down.

What scares me about this social media era of fandom is that by loving one person you must apparently be blinded to the chance that people have different tastes and also to the fact that your idol may not always be perfect. Your fans must be rabid in their defence and adoration of you and they must not show loyalty to anyone else.

As I pointed out to Kevin’s fan, I have a schedule with my instagram posts and I will be releasing his download this coming Sunday. That I haven’t posted him yet is not a reflection on him at all.