Now that I’ve booked a big European adventure for next year, the exciting part kicks in with the planning of finer details.

As a tourist I know that I’m not great at walking endlessly through historical sites. Make me read more than a few plaques with information about events hundreds or thousands of years ago and I find myself looking for something to drink and eat pretty fast. Apart from wanting to see as much of the world as I can in my life on my limited budget, the appeal for the timing is to escape Sydney’s Winter and enjoy extra time in the sun. We all know how I like to dress when it’s warm too so of course I plan on a lot of nudity while I’m in Europe.

This trip should be fantastic for nudity with nude campgrounds in Corsica and Sardinia and lots of beautiful beaches. Portugal also has a number of nude beaches and coastal towns perfect for a visit from an Aussie tourist with nudie tendencies.

Sometimes I do wonder if I’m prioritising nudity too much? But then I realise that no, holidays are all about creating the adventure you want that makes you happy. My ex was a DJ and he loved going out clubbing when he was travelling overseas. While that makes no sense to me, because I don’t like to do it here, it made him happy. People like to stay in big high rise hotels. I’m not as much of a fan. Give me a small bed and breakfast or an Air B&B and I’m happy.

Now, I have 9 months to find as much nude accommodation as I can.