We’ve all had to do it and we’ve all had it done to us. It’s unlikely that there are many people in the world that haven’t had to tell someone that they just aren’t interested. If there are people out there who found Mr/Ms Right on the first try, then they are lucky people. 

To be honest I never thought I still wouldn’t have found someone by 45. If you’d told me that in my teens or even 20’s I would have laughed. Possibly a slightly startled or scared laugh, but a laugh all the same.

Last weekend I chatted to a guy at a birthday party I was at and he was lovely. As I left the party I said I’d find him on Facebook. We chatted a bit and organised to meet up for a date the next night.

The date was just ok. We have very little in common, conversation wasn’t super easy and there was just not a trace of chemistry. Because it had been four days I kinda figured he was on the same page as me but last night he sent a message saying hi. So last night I had to send the “I just didn’t feel a connection” message. He was totally fine with it and said he agreed. If that’s true or not I will never know but it’s just not nice having to say that to someone.

Much better to be honest though rather than waste both our time.