Growing up with desires I didn’t acknowledge or understand, there were times that in hindsight I had crushes on celebrities but I thought I just wanted to be like them. That’s probably not unusual for young boys, or men who aren’t entirely sure of who or what they want. Celebrity crushes are not rare either even after you come out but at least I recognise them for what they are. These days though there is actually a growing chance that the guys we are crushing on might actually come out.

Gone are the days that studios would hush up rumours of homosexuality with an arranged marriage to a starlet. Heartthrobs like Wentworth Miller and Colton Haynes have come out and sent the hopes of gay teens through the roof.

This week it looks like we might have another one. According to articles like this one, Taron Egerton, star of Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle may have just outed himself with a post on his newly created Instagram account. He posted a photo of a young cutie with the caption “Cutie. My Boy” followed my the heart emoji and apparently, to one of the comments he replied “he’s mine, and mine only.” I hope it’s true and I love the way he’s done it. No magazine cover. No splashy statement and as yet still no confirmation.

Taron is totally my type, albeit too young, too far away and too unaware of my existence. So I’m sure he’s making a few young, and not so young gay boys’ hearts flutter with this news. In the near future we get to see him in the new version of the Robin Hood story but looking at the video in this article, he doesn’t appear to be rocking tights, sadly.

If this isn’t true, the only problem is that someone is trying to out someone that isn’t gay. I get that we all have an interest and LGBT visibility amongst celebrities is important but the sexuality of someone we don’t know is none of our business.