A few months ago I posted about my, at that stage vague plans for a trip to Europe next year. I originally wanted to go sailing with Saltyboys but they aren’t doing the Sardinia trip that I wanted to do next year.

Today my travel agent came back with a great deal on flights to Europe so I very quickly got leave approved and booked the flights. So in August next year I’m flying to Europe and while the finer details aren’t locked down the plan is to visit Portugal for a week or so, drive a camper van around Corsica and Sardinia for a while and then visit the beautiful Slovenia. It’s a bit of a random holiday but mixing it up is what I like to do.

I’m imagining in Portugal that I will stay in Lisbon a few nights and maybe somewhere down in the Algarve for a few nights as well. There is a gay clothing optional Bed & Breakfast down there but it’s a little expensive. If any of you, my lovely readers have any suggestions or recommendations for any of the locations that I’m going I’d love to hear of them in the comments or via email. Obviously, given my tendencies, the more nude opportunities the better.

As is typical, I’ve booked just over 9 months out but I really need this to look forward to at the moment. I’m at that end of the year where I’m starting to run out of energy and this will get me across the finish line.